Kalle's and Cory's Wedding
Saturday   June 3, 2006   at   3:30 pm








Car Service

Post-Reception Gathering
Have a drink with us after the wedding and reception!  We'll be heading to Lillie's Bar in Redhook at 10:00 pm.  It will also be her big re-opening weekend.  She'll be having $5 all you can eat Bar-B-Q, bands, and lots of fun!  It's a bit tricky to get to, but well worth it.
Lillie's Bar (see Google Map)
46 Beard Street, at Dwight Street
Red Hook (Brooklyn), NY 11231
Take the F or G train to the Carroll Street stop (same as for the wedding).  If you're coming from North Brooklyn or Manhattan be at the front of the train.  Exit onto the corner of 2nd Place and Smith Street.  Then call a car service.  It should be less than $10.
Or, take the F or G one stop further to the Smith and 9th Street stop and take the B71 bus, which you can pick up right on 9th Street on the same side of 9th as the one you exit onto (in short, don't cross the street), and ride the B71 to the corner of Dwight and Van Dyke Streets (see map, above).  Walk one block on Dwight to Beard Street.  You'll see Lillie's on the corner of Dwight and Beard Streets.
Kalle Macrides and Cory Einbinder are Getting Married!!!