Joy Of Living:  Macrides-Einbinder
Family Happenings
Emmett Penn Macrides-Einbinder
Emmett in the womb
Emmett at birth
Emmett at 7 months
Emmett at 10 months
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Baby Shower  (2009)
Hail Emmett  (2009)
Introducing Emmett  (2009)
Emmett at 7 months  (2010)
Emmett at 10 months  (2010)
Emmett at 11 months  (2010)
Eloise Agathena Macrides-Einbinder
Eloise gets a first taste of the world
Eloise's first car ride
Mom drank coffee this morning
Wow, smiling is fun!!!
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Eloise Arrives  (2014)
All Is Good For Eloise & Emmett  (2014)
Emmett And Eloise Growing Up
Emmett LOVES the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!!!
Emmett loves to SURF on gold seat-cushions!!!
Emmett wants one more helping of THAT!!!
Emmett had a GREAT 2010 Holiday Season!!!
Emmett's First Birthday Party  (2010)
Emmett's First Extended Toddle  (2010)
Emmett's Family Christmas Day  (2010)
Emmett The Magic Toddler  (2010-11)
Emmett now is the Big Kahuna of gold seat-cushion surfing!!!
Emmett now climbs as well as King Kong!!!
Emmett has sticky fingers!!!
Emmett LOVES Liberty!!!
Christmas  (2011)
Maggie  (2012)
April Fool  (2013)
Coolest Kid  (2013)
Newport  (2013)
Halloween  (2013)
Christmas  (2013)
 Hendrix  (2014)
Emmett hams it up on April Fools Day!!!
Emmett is the COOLEST KID in Brooklyn!!!
Emmett is a LAND SHARK!!!
Emmett's Holiday Season gets better each year!!!
Summer  (2014)
Wind-Up  (2014)
Costume Parade  (2014)
 Christmas  (2014)
Eloise's First Birthday  (2015)
Grankids In Late Fall And Winter  (2014/15)
Emmett is a sliding Dare Devil!!!
Emmett and Elosie are flying high!!!
The Great Macrindbinder Family Pile-On!!!
Emmett and Eloise share Christmas!!!
Eloise loves playgrounds with toys!!!
Emmett loves Mama as a math partner!!!
Emmett explains wood construction to his pals and teachers!
Eloise has a marmoset pal at Prospect Park Zoo!
Playgrounds With Toys  (2015)
 Math With Mom  (2015)
Construction Kids  (2015)
Spring Finally Sprang  (2015)
Grandkids Love Summer  (2015)
Ninja Party  (2016)
Emmett bends a bench so Eloise can reach it!
Eloise loves playgrounds with lots of toys!
Emmett and Eloise like to pal around!
Emmett is a Ninja Warrier at Quentin's birthday party!
Wow, spoon food is yummy!!!
What a great kissy face!!!
Oh, what's INSIDE the wrapping matters most!!!
Whee,Dino's even more fun than the stroller!!!
Just LOVE drinking milk and mint tea!!!
Emmett Splashing In The Pier 6 Water Playground!!!
Emmett's debut in The Wizard of Oz!!!
Emmett loves Soccer Camp!!!
Eloise loves kiddy swings!!!
Eloise shows Emmett her toy skills!!!
Emmett's kindergarten projects are fantastic!!!
It's NEVER too cold for kiddy swinging!!!
Emmett's Video Album  (2009 – 2020)
Emmett's Birthday Page  (2009 – 2019)
Eloise's Video Album  (2014 – 2020)
Eloise's Birthday Page  (2014 – 2019)
Emmett Loves Central Park Bubbles!
Eloise Loves Little Gym!
Eloise And Emmett Love Rockabye Baby!
Emmett Loves Playing Soccer!
Eloise Assesses A Prospect Park Carousel Horsie!
Kalle's and Cory's Wedding
Kalle Macrides and Cory Einbinder decided to get married!!!
Saturday   June 3, 2006   at   3:30 pm
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  Wedding Photo Album  
  Honeymoon Photo Album  
We're Happily Married Now!!!
Kalle Macrides and Cory Einbinder are happily married!!!
Hear the Wedding Song and
See Wedding Highlights, below.

Cory and Kalle's Wedding Song:
The Joy of Living, written,
and performed at the wedding,
by The Great Joel Griffin!!!
Wedding Highlights:
I do!!!                     Me too!!!
Kalle and Cory Take Their Vows
The Metamorphosing Couple . . .
. . . Breaks Out of Its Cocoon!!!
Two Brothers    Three Candles    Four Clowns