Kalle Macrides & Cory Einbinder
We’ll be attending the children’s performance Little Laffs, which will feature The
and Magician Greg “The Great Dubini" Dubin. The performance runs from
11-12, then we’ll have the place to ourselves for pizza, cake and fun from 12-1. We’ll have
a limited number of tickets for the show, but any number can come for the party after. A
parent is invited to attend the show, but Jalopy also runs a great restaurant/bar next door
(Jalopy Tavern) so feel free to drop off your child for the show and join us with siblings
for the party afterwards. We need a headcount for the performance so please let us know
if you and/or your child will be attending the show and who will be attending the party
afterwards. (You may need to use the message field to do this, or feel free to reach out to
us directly.)
Please RSVP by Tuesday, January 15th so we have time to purchase the tickets.